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What is Nowruz

A colorfully magnificent celebration of life, Nowruz is an ancient tradition that commemorates the rebirth of nature with the coming of each Spring. The cosmological and mythological roots of Nowruz communicate a universal optimistic message focusing on the “new day” (the translation of the Persian words “now” and “ruz”). On this “new day” or Nowruz, a bond between family and friends is revitalized and a movement towards relational, environmental, and spiritual rejuvenation defines its glory. Consequently, the countdown to Nowruz occurs in conjunction with the countdown to the vernal equinox and starts off the solar calendar on the first day of Spring.


The universal message of Nowruz speaks to its richness and depth and respect for diversity, hence the reason why this unique holiday has been adapted and eloquently celebrated by all people. Regardless of what faith they have held to be true, those who celebrate Nowruz share the same enthusiasm and sense of belonging. Nowruz has been a distinctive holiday recorded in history that has surpassed religious and national boundaries and material limitations. Thus the soul focus of this opulent celebration is on the dynamics of love and the bond between nature and all that has been created within it.


Today there are estimated 300,000,000 (three hundred million) people, belonging to 15 (fifteen) different countries and many ethnic and religious groups worldwide that celebrate Nowruz and cherish its significant cultural heritage.


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